The team behind List

Mother and daughter in hoodies with red four-leaf clover on them

Behind Listcph stands a dedicated team of mother & daughter who are united by a vision to make yoga and meditation accessible to everyone, not only on yoga mats, but also in the heart of your everyday life - in the living room, on the sofa and in the office chair.

Listcph was founded by Anna & Susanne with a deep passion for well-being. Our goal was clear from the beginning: to create a universe where yoga and meditation are a natural part of your daily routine, wherever you are.

Our products are designed to create a homely, tranquil space in your own living room so you can practice these life-affirming practices in a relaxed and informal way.

We are on the way to expanding our universe. The plan is to introduce new products that not only create harmony with your daily routine, but also connect you with nature. These products will be designed to promote a deeper connection to your surroundings and support a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

For Listcph, breathing is more than just a physical act; it is a key to connection. We strive to make our products an extension of your breathing practice, and we hope they will serve as reminders to breathe deeply and immerse yourself in the moment.

Join us on the journey towards well-being in everyday life. Let Listcph be your guide to integrating calm, connection and nature into your daily life.