List Copenhagen

relaxation on sofa with yoga cushions and List is a Danish design brand that aims to create unique lifestyle products for body and mind. Our wish is that the products inspire your senses for use in mindful living.
The cushions are multifunctional and can be used as support for several yoga and meditation exercises, for the sofa and for the home office. The cushions are of high quality and with a focus on longevity. They are designed with the greatest care and attention to detail.
yoga on the beach
With a focus on quality and durability, our cushions are the perfect accessory for anyone looking to enhance their yoga, meditation or stretching routine. Our wish is that you achieve optimal support to improve your sitting/lying positions. At the same time, it is our wish that you do not pack away the cushions/bolsters after training, but use them on the sofa or in the office. Here you will achieve comfortable and natural help to make your postures more optimal.
Our pillows are designed & sewn in Denmark. They contain European organic buckwheat hulls.
All our products are named after Icelandic horse names - List means art - Saga means adventure - Hera means goddess - Muni means mind/thought - Gæfa means happiness/luck - Kula means cold wind - Gola means breeze - Vina means friend - Vala means fortune teller
Buckwheat husks:
Buckwheat pillows – also known as sobakawa – originated in Japan, but today they are used all over the globe. Our pillows & bolsters are filled with European buckwheat hulls, the hard outer parts of buckwheat seeds. The shells feel firm, but they are small and will adapt to the body & your lateral position.
The best buckwheat pillows offer many benefits. First, they are fully adjustable. You can add or remove shells from the interior to change how tall and supportive the pillow feels.
Another advantage is that they create excellent temperature regulation. Like the shells, it promotes a stable air flow throughout the core of the pillow.
The shells are very durable. If you wish to replace the shells, you can buy extra shells in bulk. The shells in bulk can also be used if the pillows need to be refilled.