List with on holiday

Travel the world with coziness & comfort with our exclusive yoga cushions.
When it's holiday time, it's important to have the perfect travel companions with you. Our List pillows are created to accompany you on your adventures and ensure that you always have a comfortable travel experience.

Going on a long flight? Our List pillows are your secret key to comfort and relaxation. The ergonomic shapes and soft materials make it possible to find the perfect position and support for your body, so you can enjoy a comfortable journey in the air. No more uncomfortable seats or stiff necks - our yoga cushions will help you create your own little oasis of well-being, even at high altitudes.
But our pillows aren't just for air travel. Take them on a long car trip or bus trip to the holiday country, and give your children the opportunity to dress up comfortably.
With our List cushions, they can easily find the right support and comfort, so that even a drive becomes a pleasure. Let them relax and enjoy the journey in their own personal comfort zone.
And why stop there? Take your List pillow with you when you hop on the train. Whether it's a short commute or a long distance, our pillows will help you create your own little oasis of calm and relaxation.
Find the perfect seat, sit back and let the train journey become a soothing and pleasant experience.
Our yoga cushions are designed with a focus on both style and function. They're easy to pack and take on the go, while adding a touch of elegance to your travel experience.
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Whether you prefer a discreet and minimalist style or want to stand out with our unique patterns and colors, we have the perfect pillow for you.
Experience the comfort & support that will make your journey even more pleasant.
Whether you're heading to exotic destinations or just taking a short break from everyday life, you deserve to travel in comfortable comfort. Take your List pillow with you and let the journey begin.

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