Back to school

Girl on office chair at desk sitting on yoga pillow

Back to school - that time of year when the summer holidays are over and reality knocks on the door. But fear not. It is also a fantastic opportunity to start new healthy and smart habits. This is where our List yoga cushions come into the picture, ready to help you conquer the school desk (and the couch).

When you sit at the school desk and struggle with your homework, it is important to have the right support and comfort. Our List yoga cushions are the perfect partners to give your body the ergonomic support it needs. They help you maintain a healthy and comfortable sitting position so you can concentrate on your tasks.

We know homework isn't always done at the desk. Sometimes you prefer to curl up on the sofa and continue with your studies. Our List cushions are versatile. They can easily be transformed into the perfect support when you lie down and read. Place a pillow under your neck to relieve tension or support your back to achieve the optimal reading position. Who knew homework could be so comfortable?

Our cushions can't guarantee you top marks, but they can help improve your sitting/lying positions. By maintaining a correct and comfortable posture, you get oxygen to the brain and create the ideal conditions for learning and focus.

So let's make this 'back to school' period fun and comfortable with our List yoga cushions. Take them with you to school, use them at home and discover how much difference the right support and comfort can make.
Now is the time to get the best grades with a good dose of comfort and a touch of fun.
Let the List cushions be your faithful companions on the road to academic success.

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